Qualitative Analysis

All products are tested every step of the way so each individual product has more than one certificate of analysis (COA). Please click on the file with your lot number to see all of them.

Keep in mind that some steps are actually concentrates so some numbers, such as THC content, might be higher than one might expect. This is completely normal.

Some steps were tested twice for various reasons such as improving the technique that was used or making an adjustment to the solution. Since we want to be as transparent as possible we let you see all the tests that were performed.

All Lot # consist of the following parts:

2 Letter – stands for the farm the hemp came from. We will only disclose this upon request to protect our farmers

3 numbers – number of delivery of biomass from a particular farm

2 numbers – batch of concentrated raw oil we made

2 numbers – final product batch


If you have questions or concerns regarding the COAs, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions.

SD0010101 (zip)

SD0010201 (zip)

SD0010102 (zip)

SD0010202 (zip)

SD0010203 (zip)

SD0010203 (zip)

SD0010204 (zip)

SD0010205 (zip)

SD0010206 (zip)

SD0010207 (zip)