Our Story 


Melissa Darrisaw, Owner 

Melissa  has served in the Health & Wellness Industry for over a decade. As the owner of I Imagine Fitness & Wellness it was important to educate and offer a product that clients needed to help with their level of well-being. Through her interactions with her clients she noticed that many people struggled in different areas from sleep, anxiety, pain, muscle soreness and more just to name a few. She always knew that taking a more holistic approach was a better fit if it could be done, than the harshness of using certain chemical substances to help alleviate these factors. With her exclusive team comprised of pharmacist, PhD chemists and consultants, we are able to offer our clients a luxury component of CBD products.  As a small business owner working with local farmers in the beautiful Carolinas, to having team of consultants in the medical field, lead her to offer a trusted brand of CBD products. We would like to be known for having a trusted name in the CBD field that has been saturated and misunderstood. Educating our clients and knowing what is actually being entered on or into the body system helps to bring a since of healing and awareness to her clientele.  We are excited to bring this product to the forefront of customers seeking your everyday CBD needs.


Tara M. Shields, Product Advisor

Being a migraine suffer for years, and a firm believer in holistic products, Tara finds Destiny's Own to be very effective.  Having used the products herself, not only for her migraines but also for other aches and pains she is well aware of the effectiveness of these products.  

As the Product Advisor and with the help of the Destiny's Own chemist team, she ensures customers receive the best possible products in the CBD industry.  Tara can provide assistant to customers in finding the right Destiny's Own product to best suit their needs.